Wobblebase genome importer from Novalis integrated in doc.ai medical data platform

Following the transfer of Wobblebase assets from Novalis to doc.ai in October 2018, Wobblebase’s genome importer has been integrated in the doc.ai platform. Biotech incubator Novalis is now the second largest external shareholder in doc.ai.

Doc.ai enables people to collect all their medical data, from their daily step activity, medical records and drug history to lab tests and genetic tests in one secure location. The consolidation of this information creates an entire picture of the user’s health and delivers predictive insights of their health risks and longevity, powered by artificial intelligence. The accuracy of these machine-learning predictive models continues to grow as the worldwide app’s user base increases.

At the same time, doc.ai users can help accelerate advancements in medical research by joining medical studies through the app. Their anonymized, decentralized and encrypted data are enabling medical researchers to conduct studies more quickly, inexpensively and accurately than ever before. Biological and environmental circumstances are taken into account to find patterns between users with similar health profiles. This new way of conducting medical research helps science create faster and more accurate insights into health conditions which in turn, provides a healthier future for generations to come.

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