Epigenetics company Epify progresses colorectal cancer program and files first patent application



Maastricht, The Netherlands, July 6, 2021 – Epify announces a patent filing in the colorectal cancer
(CRC) program. The patent claims multiple epigenetic biomarkers for a broad range of applications
including tissue, blood and stool.

Alongside its claims, Epify provides empirical evidence on the performance of the epigenetic
biomarkers in tissue and the translation to blood and stool in relevant patient cohorts. Among
notable results are the high sensitivity and specificity of several 3-marker panels. Moreover, the
detection rates for pre-cancerous CRC lesions are higher than in any published record.
After an initial AI-led discovery and identification, tens of markers were filed under a provisional
patent application. Further validation and translation of the markers compare favorably to the initial
bioinformatic analyses. When confirmed in larger clinical trials, demonstrating similar performance,
these markers will prove to be ideally suited for CRC screening strategies or follow-up of CRC
patients under treatment or in remission.

The stool application targets the emerging markets for screening procedures, boosting early
detection of CRC and minimizing invasive diagnostics, as well as treatments. The application, which
fits with current clinical guidelines in the US, addresses weaknesses in the current screening
workflows by increasing the detection of pre-malignant lesions.
The translation to blood is targeting a growing interest in blood-based, multi-cancer testing and
liquid biopsies. While the first of such blood-based tests will be available soon, years of optimization
will follow. Epify expects to contribute markers from several of its research programs to optimize
blood-based cancer screenings.

Dr. Leander Van Neste, Epify’s CSO, highlights the team effort and scientific rigor that contributed to
the filing of the patent. Joris Schuurmans, Epify’s CEO, describes the patent filing as: ‘A huge
milestone in the commercialization of the lead program.’

About Epify

Epify develops epigenetic biomarkers that control gene activity and are implicated in a wide range of
cancers, driving and influencing the course of the disease. Using these biomarkers, Epify aims to
improve screening, early detection, diagnostic accuracy, and overall patient management, hereby
facilitating a more personalized cancer care. To this end, Epify collaborates with academia, clinicians,
professional investors, and industrial molecular test providers to translate biomarkers from sound
discovery to clinical applications.

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