Novalis Biotech is an early stage venture capital investor in life sciences

We welcome innovative concepts in healthcare and aim to support their development already at the state of incorporation.

Our investment focus is “enabling technologies” in life sciences. We strongly believe in capital light platform technology and close interaction with customers already early in the life of the company. Focus areas are: innovative research and manufacturing tools, bioinformatics, genomics, diagnostics and digital health.

We focus on early-stage start-ups, from (pre-)seed stage to series A, and support their evolution by providing funding, sharing our professional and academic connections, and help to shape the business strategy in order to create value for all stakeholders.


Rarity Bioscience announces the successful closure of a €6.5 million funding round

Rarity Bioscience announces the successful closure of a €6.5 million funding round

June, 18th 2024, Uppsala, Sweden. Rarity Bioscience, a pioneering molecular biotech company, is pleased to announce the successful closure of a €6.5 million funding round....
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Alithea Genomics Closes CHF 2.8 Million in Seed Financing Extension Led by Novalis Biotech

Alithea Genomics Closes CHF 2.8 Million in Seed Financing Extension Led by Novalis Biotech

Alithea Genomics, an emerging leader in the field of large-scale RNA sequencing and transcriptomics, announced today the closing of a CHF 2.8 million ($3.2 million)...
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RheumaFinder Announces Investment to revolutionize care for patients with rheumatic disease

RheumaFinder Announces Investment to revolutionize care for patients with rheumatic disease

Ghent, Belgium, February 2024 – RheumaFinder is excited to announce an investment from Belgium's Novalis Biotech Acceleration Fund. This investment, executed as a seed-participation in...
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RheumaFinder is a medical imaging AI startup specializing in rheumatology and rheumatological radiology. Using advanced AI technology, RheumaFinder analyzes standard medical images to detect early signs of joint damage, addressing diagnostic delays and underdiagnosis in rheumatic diseases. Their mission is to ensure timely interventions for patients, preserving health and improving quality of life.

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Altvao is medical device company based in Dresden, Germany. The ambition is harnessing the power of machine learning and state-of-the-art sensor technology to improve the lives of people who have lost their voice.

The first group to benefit are patients who have lost their voice box because of tumor surgery, a procedure known as laryngectomy. But there are many more potential applications of our technology, both in speech rehabilitation and in non-medical fields.

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Rarity Bioscience

Rarity superRCA is an ultrasensitive multiplex assay for detecting rare nucleic acid sequences in biological samples like liquid biopsies. The format and flexibility of the technology platform – and read-out based on flow cytometry – makes it suitable for research as well as clinical application.

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C-mo Medical Solutions

C-mo Medical Solutions is an award-winning digital health company with an innovative solution for the diagnosis and management of cough-incident medical conditions. The company’s mission is to unravel the clinical potential of cough assessment and solve the major unmet medical needs associated with the management of chronic cough.

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Carroucell is disrupting the biomanufacturing sector with its patented, innovative microcarrier and flexible process solution for customers. The microcarriers are based on a major innovation in the field of sol-gel process, which allows the production of bioactive microstructures not achievable by existing technologies.

In the bioreactor, cells can cling and multiply in “3D” which allows cultivation of a large quantity of cells in a restricted volume. Carroucell has a partnership with Etablissement Français du Sang (EFS), which enabled the validation of its microcarriers and facilitated first commercial orders. Carroucell was founded in 2016 by Tarek Fathallah.

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Alithea Genomics

Alithea Genomics has developed a proprietary technology called Bulk RNA Barcoding and sequencing (BRB-seq), which enables the preparation of hundreds of RNA samples for sequencing in a single tube. By drastically decreasing the cost and time associated with library preparation for RNA sequencing, the BRB-seq technology enables for the first time the application of high-content and unbiased gene expression analysis to very large-scale projects, such as biobank functionalization and high-throughput drug screening.

Alithea Genomics was founded in May 2020 at the EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland. More information can be found at


Trince is dedicated to advancing cell-based science and therapeutics by facilitating the delivery of molecules into cells, both in vitro and ex vivo. The company’s LumiPore transfection platform, which is covered by a portfolio of pending patents, is used to deliver a wide variety of effector molecules (e.g. nucleic acids or proteins) into virtually any cell type, including hard-to-transfect cells such as immune cells for cell therapies. The technology ensures that this is done in a gentle manner, maximizing the therapeutic quality of the final cell product.


Modality.AI, Inc. (“Modality”) has developed the first multimodal assessment platform to track the progression of neurological and psychiatric diseases through the analysis of facial musculature and phonetic enunciation, using a virtual agent to guide participants through standardized protocols. Modality’s rich, objective, and accurate audiovisual biomarkers expedite the development of therapies for diseases such as Parkinson’s, schizophrenia, depression, and autism, as well as the diagnosis and tracking of treatment efficacy at scale, as used by some of the leading clinical institutions in the world, including UCSF, MGH, NYU, Purdue, and the Charité.

Modality was founded by world-class AI experts with over 200 publications and issued patents and several successful exits. Modality is venture backed and based in San Francisco, CA.


RheaVita has developed a continuous, controlled freeze-drying technology that integrates all the traditional freeze-drying process steps into one continuous production line.

By spinning the glass vials during the freezing process, a thin layer of product coats the inner lining of the vial. Following drying, the final solid freeze-dried product is obtained. Compared to the traditional freeze-drying process, RheaVita’s approach has several advantages, including very fast product and process development with limited experimental efforts, avoiding scale-up issues, reducing cycle times, lower production costs, less clean room space requirements, improving quality assurance and improved and uniform product quality and process uniformity.


Grapheal develops wearable and disposable biosensors enabling continuous monitoring and in-field diagnosis. It empowers caregivers with an improved and individualized assessment tool for precision medicine. See more on