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AI Meets Genome Sequencing and the Health Data Explosion to Transform Medicine

We’ve discussed the questions of “nature vs nurture”, personalized medicine and the privacy of genomics data with Dr. Wim Van Criekinge, Chief Life Science Officer at

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Wobblebase genome importer from Novalis integrated in medical data platform

In October 2018, Wobblebase’s genome importer has been integrated in the platform. Biotech incubator Novalis is now the second largest external shareholder in

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MyNeo has been officially launched today!

Ghent, 27th December 2018. MyNeo has started its life as an independent entity! MyNeo is a Belgian biotech company, based in Ghent, focused on identifying, exploring and validating personalized cancer treatments.

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Launch of BioLizard's website,!

Today we announce the launch of, where we describe our experience in bioinformatics, biostatistics and machine learning, applied to the biotechnology field.

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De Tijd interviews Novalis’s founders

De Tijd journalist Jan De Schamphelaere discusses the launch of Novalis with our founders, from their previous careers to the current state of the fund.

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Novalis founds first three companies

We are proud to announce to the world the incorporation of BioLizard, and MyNeo.

Novalis becomes a member of

Novalis makes its entry in the Flemish biotech scene, and invites resumés to fill various positions.

We’re also interested in learning about your latest research, if you are a professor or PhD student.

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Tijd article gives extra weight to Novalis’ mission

The founders of VIB credit Devgen, co-founded by Novalis co-founder Wim Van Criekinge, with being the very first example of a professional and successful biotech startup in the Flanders region of Belgium. Novalis would like to incubate a few more of these!

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Novalis is live!

It’s taken about a year longer than we wanted, but we are finally here! Novalis was founded on September 25th 2018.

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