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After a number of successes in various companies, Wim Van Criekinge and Jan Van den Berghe have founded Novalis (

Novalis is an incubator for biotech and life sciences related companies, made possible by the unique combination of our contacts and experience,and our complementary skills

We have raised several million euros. Our first portfolio companies have already started!

For those of you who have time, here is a little shout out to Georg Philipp Friedrich Freiherr von Hardenberg, the original “Novalis”!

press releases

AI Meets Genome Sequencing and the Health Data Explosion to Transform Medicine

We’ve discussed the questions of “nature vs nurture”, personalized medicine and the privacy of genomics data with Dr. Wim Van Criekinge, Chief Life Science Officer at

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Wobblebase genome importer from Novalis integrated in medical data platform

In October 2018, Wobblebase’s genome importer has been integrated in the platform. Biotech incubator Novalis is now the second largest external shareholder in

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MyNeo has been officially launched today!

Ghent, 27th December 2018. MyNeo has started its life as an independent entity! MyNeo is a Belgian biotech company, based in Ghent, focused on identifying, exploring and validating personalized cancer treatments.

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Here are a few of our Portfolio companies.

BioLizard (Lizard.Bio) is founded to provide bioinformatics solutions for customers in biotech, pharma and academia. As life science research is rapidly evolving into a more data-driven field, there is a niche and a high demand for this type of applications. Lizards adapt to their biological environment. Likewise, we strive towards offering state-of-the-art bioinformatics, statistics and machine learning solutions to help solve biological questions by adapting to the needs and data of our customers. is a spin-off initiative @ the Ghent University offering R&D through cutting-edge technologies to help our customers resolve their biological questions, providing a full trajectory from sample preparation to data analysis of the results. We offer next generation wet-lab solutions to our customers in the field of transcriptomics, translatomics, proteomics and epigenetics.

myNEO identifies and evaluates patient-specific mutant peptides that are present (DNA) and expressed (RNA), but absent in the patient’s germline.

This analysis is the first step in any personalised immunotherapy. wants to break down data silos and transform healthcare with the power of artificial intelligence. End users can collect all their medical information in the app. By agreeing to also share their anonymized data with researchers, they feed the machine learning capacities of the platform, getting more accurate results and accelerating medical research to the benefit of generations to come.

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